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Mr. Chicken Catering … Choose Quality, it’s always the BEST value! Here at Mr. Chicken, we focus on giving our customers the highest quality fried chicken you can buy. Now that might mean we aren’t the cheapest fried chicken in town, but that’s not why you became a Mr. Chicken customer. We pay close attention to every detail and that’s why we can say our quality is second to none.

Our USDA Grade A chicken is delivered fresh from the farms in Virginia to each of our locations, where it is hand breaded, and prepared within minutes of our customer’s request. The zero trans-fat low saturated fat canola oil we use is expensive, but better for you than what our competitors use, and doesn’t dull the flavor of our breading. We don’t buy extra ‘low cost’ dark meat and substitute that for white meat. Yes, other companies do. Or pump our chicken with 18%-21% water to make it look bigger… They do that as well! One of our major catering competitors buys frozen pre-cooked chicken and reheats it in their ovens at 8:00 a.m. and holds it in warmers all day until it sells. Another of our competitors sells ‘Picnic Chicken’, which is the chicken they had in their deli case the day before that didn’t sell.

Our family business isn’t interested in those types of business practices because we know that you don’t stay Cleveland’s Hometown Favorite for 48 years by disappointing your customers. We stand by our products and guarantee that every time you place an order it will ‘Always be the Best Fried Chicken’ you will ever serve to your guests. So whether you’re hosting a catered event or just feeding the family a great homecooked meal, choose quality and impress your guests with Mr. Chicken!