Thank You for Making a Difference for the Sullivan Family

May 1, 2016

Thank you for contributing to our fundraiser to raise money for the family of Keagan Sullivan. The support that we received from so many people was overwhelming. From businesses and suppliers who donated, to organizations that helped creating, writing and printing materials, to individuals who developed radio and television announcements, to firefighters who came out to our stores to collect donations, we owe the fundraiser’s success to you.

In addition, we thank all of the Mr. Chicken team members who remind us every day that we are a family. Our staff did an excellent job informing customers of the fundraiser. We are also very touched that we received more than $1,700 in donations from businesses and suppliers.

Customers purchased $3,865 in side dishes with 100% of the proceeds going to the fundraiser. Combined with generous donations, we were able to raise $6,250 for the family. The proceeds were given to Jordan Sullivan, Keagan’s mother at St. Ambrose Catholic Church on Friday, April 29.

Jordan has requested we thank everyone who participated in the event by generously supporting her family during this difficult time. She was very touched that so many people donated their time and money to help her family begin the recovery process.

Mr. Chicken has been a part of Cleveland for 48 years, and I have never been more proud of the people in the Cleveland community and the team of dedicated people I work with. It isn’t often one gets the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives, but with this fundraiser, I can tell you, we did! For that, you have my heartfelt gratitude, and deepest admiration.

God Bless,

Mike Simens

Mr. Chicken, Inc.

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