New Rewards Program

May 12, 2015


Mr. Chicken is excited to announce that we are implementing a new Rewards program for our customers. This new system will allow you to use your reward on any food item on the menu as opposed to the Belly Rewards where you could only redeem certain items. We feel that this new system will give our valued customers the freedom to use their rewards on whatever item they choose. This new rewards program will work as follows:

• Sign up using your email or phone number.

• Earn a Punch every time you spend over $5.

• Earn 10 punches you receive a $5 off coupon.

If you have accumulated Belly Rewards don’t worry! You are able to receive a gift card to equal your accumulated Belly Rewards by May 31st by calling Chris at 440-585-4800 ext. 4 and verifying your account. This new system is now in place so you can start earning Square rewards now! If you have any questions about this new system or the change please feel free to contact Chris at 440-858-4800 ext. 4 or Here at Mr. Chicken we are always trying to find new ways to satisfy our customers’ wants and we feel this new system will do just that!

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